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I'm glad you're here.

I am a freelance creative with 14 years of experience in art direction and graphic design. I work across all digital and print media in a variety of industries, including retailers, restaurants, services, entertainment and events. I also happen to know a thing or two about herding cats (creatives) and taming lions (clients), should you need it.

I built a strong agency foundation before embarking on my own path. I enjoy the variety and flexibility that freelance provides not just me but my clients, as well. My mission is to do quality work and forge positive client relationships.

 In addition to solving business challenges through design, I enjoy hiking, walking Bonnie and reading about mindfulness and cognitive science. I work to play, and I'm immensely grateful that I play for work. I hope you will join me!



Strategic & conceptual creator of engaging ideas that work.

Detail-oriented designer with 

big picture thinking.

Fearless protector of color, type, space, scale, hierarchy, image selection, crop and dogs.


Video / Broadcast


Print Advertising

Social Media

Web Design

Banner Ads


Print Collateral


Adobe Creative Suite


Oral and Visual Presentations

Strong Written Communication

Creative & Agency Leadership

Photo and Video Production


Mastery of popping a perfect bag of popcorn.

Experience eating pizza at two restaurants in the same day.

Skilled necklace untangler.

Super hiker. (Good at walking.)



Art Director & Graphic Designer

I deliver creative for a variety of agency and direct-to-business clients on-time and above expectations. Projects include design and conceptual assignments across both digital and traditional channels. I  provide a quick, efficient work-flow and communication and seamlessly integrate in company processes and cultures.

The Richards Group

Art Director 4/06-3/13

I was one of the champions of the integration of digital and traditional agencies, recognizing that it is all one consumer journey. I developed conceptual and design skills equally. I worked fluidly with various copywriting partners. Over the years, I went from mentee to mentor. It was a solid foundation for my career.

Johnson & Sekin

Senior Art Director 3/13-2/14

At J&S, I further honed my presentation skills and management of client relationships. As young, creative-owned agency, J&S afforded me the opportunity to lead, grow business, work with local clients and do award-winning work. We were smart and scrappy and made things happen.


Creative Director 2/14-4/16

Previously Sq1, Ansira offered additional web design opportunities. I enjoyed strategizing about the customer journey and working on site redesigns from concept to development. I made serious contributions to collaboration in the agency, improving creative and culture at an agency level.

The integer group

Creative Director 4/16-8/18

As a shopper marketing agency, Integer offered a unique look at the mindset of shoppers. We worked on touchpoints from online to in-store. I frequently worked closely with clients, mentored and motivated a growing team of 12 and continued being a hands-on creative in my own right.


Texas a&m commerce

Bachelor of Fine Arts 01-05

Beginning with a fine arts foundation, I first honed traditional visual arts skills. Then, I was taught by leading industry professionals. This rigorous portfolio program qualified me for an internship at The Richards Group and a successful career in advertising.



I am fortunate that my employers have invested in my success, sending me to conferences such as the 3% Conference (for diversity in creative leadership) and Adobe’s 99U (for inspiration and new perspectives). I enjoy bringing insights back to the agency to put into action.

leadership institute

Nominee & Participant  17-18

A couple of participants from each location are selected to participate in this nationwide program. This deep-dive into personal reflection and leadership growth through speakers, activities and case studies was integral in creating great work with the team and individually. 

Thought leadership


Conducting an interactive course on collaboration and empathy, presenting on cognitive science in marketing, sharing conference highlights, inspiring with fresh ideas and trends, as well as raising the bar on design skills. I love sharing ideas for the best possible creative product.


enough about me

Thank you for your interest in my work.
I’d love to work with you, too. Just tell me a little about your brand and what you're looking for,
and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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